Pornokino nürnberg fac sitting

pornokino nürnberg fac sitting

Wie Face, sitting, jeder - bertreinsch Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/July-2006 - Wikipedia Wikipedia:New Zealand Wikipedians notice board - Wikipedia Wie Face, sitting, jeder. FFK die vagina maja bereit egal schlümpfe welcher google wählen tastenkürzel ctrl laufhäusern facesitting im beziehungsweise. We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow. Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers Muschi kneifen Mature Moms Erektion fkk fusserotik kontakte - Camsex linz Samya köln huren in schleswig holstein / Finyq sihlfeld Crossdress Sissy Schlampe Mit Vibrator in Der Fotze Commons and Wikipedia FPs are seperate, as they are judged on different criteria. Raven4x4x 04:29, (UTC) Oppose Even though this is a rare, historic shot, the quality is simply horrible - it is a scan from a printed magazine page - a color scan of a B/W image, to boot! Battle of the macrons for Wikipedia spelling of Paekkriki. The New Zealand Herald A battle over the use of macrons on the Wikipedia page for a small town in Kpiti is sparking hot debate online, even from people who don t live there. Photographs and Images., undated. Zafiroblue05 Talk 15:42, (UTC) Oppose. Aloha and kokua have entered common English use in Hawaii (at least in tourist areas) and are often printed there without italics (or so it seemed to me on a very brief visit but elsewhere in the world they would be italicised. It appears that there is a Wikipedia article for each of the 125 extraordinary women featured on the Our Wahine website. But that doesn't mean that it's the spelling "most frequently used to refer to the subject in English-language reliable sources" - to" WP:commonname. Phil s 10:19, (UTC) Support edit. Must probably, but i will not change them until someone shows me a real source for them. I did do my own corrections on the image you linked to, and depending on what particular tiny area I assume should be neutral, the supposed "neutral" color balance varies widely. I don't really have a good view on the graveyard. The tree is a semi-wild one (it grew from a pip) so I can't identify the species. Marumari 22:58, (UTC) Oppose Distracting background. pornokino nürnberg fac sitting Adrian Pingstone 21:46, (UTC) Support You're darn right wow! Doesnt meet size requirments. This means that Paikakariki is spelt without macrons in both English and Maori. Lightened shadows only and left the two pink poles alone as I don't feel their removal was justified This image appears in the article Porto. Aiden 20:58, (UTC) Support. If a district council which, as in this case, was given by the Geographic Board the power to determine the spelling of a place name decides that name is now spelled with macrons, the Wikipedia article should change the very same day to reflect that. Aesthetically, I have no significant objections. It is being used in Bruno Senna, Dallara and Formula Three. But in any case, I still maintain that the edit is too cyan. We've also had historical photos featured with crappy will sie was von mir deutschland quality for their historical value. WikiProject NZ has no authority. A good, encyclopedic photo. I would seriously like to see a higher res version, which I would most gladly support. Dante Alighieri Talk 18:59, (UTC) Oppose. Samsara ( talk contribs ) 11:11, (UTC) I added the image to captivity (animal) as well as updated the caption and description to explain why it looks like a zoo image. BillC 08:26, (UTC) Support final version. We'd simply disregard WP:commonname, and rightly so, because the Department's name is not winz. That doesn't mean it's more aesthetically pleasing; many flowers look more attractive if part is in focus and part is slightly soft, outside the DOF. Edit 1: Contrast/Exposure/Gamma changes, despeckle sky, slightly sharpened. I'd prefer a wider view (both horizontally and vertically) that was lower resolution and sharper. It is a panorama of 4 segments taken with my Canon 10D. Dante Alighieri Talk 21:10, (UTC) support Agree with Todor Bozhinov- Givern 07:28, (UTC) Oppose I just don't think it's that interesting (though I've never been to the city in question). The panorama didn't have to be ultra-high res - the people might be relevant to the scene but we don't need to see the pores on their skin. If a name is widely used in reliable sources (particularly those written in English and is therefore likely to be well recognized by readers, it may be used even though some may regard it as biased. And all I know about this cemetary now is that you can see the NYC skyline from. Is the focus on the basilica or dusk? I like all the pictures. It serves that purpose, but I don't think it's FP-worthy on that criterion alone.

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